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About 5ology

5ology is simple. List your 5... topics / links that represent you right now... and find people that exactly match 1 to all 5 of your 5. That's it! 5ology is merely a quick way to find people who share whatever your interests are at this moment, learn more about your interests and explore new interests. Find someone you want to get to know beyond a 5? Well, that's what social networks are for.

5ology is dynamic. Your 5 can pretty much be anything... just avoid explicit content. World peace on your mind right now? Type in “world peace” as one of your 5. Just read an interesting article or see a video that you can't get out of your head? Add the link to your 5. Changing your 5 changes who and what you will find... creating a world of nearly limitless opportunities to discover.

Who will you find with your 5? 5 it and find out.

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5ology, based in Las Vegas, NV, was started in February 2009 by two brothers, Ethan and Brian Liebzeit.

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