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Posted by 5ology on 06/11/2010 07:58 PM Pacific
Thanks for the feedback, duncan. We really rely on users like you to tell us what we should focus on to make the site better. A couple of comments on your post about wanting the option of sharing thoughts, etc., like Facebook and Twitter. As is today, your thoughts / opinions can be shared by posting them on these discussion boards. If you post, anyone that shares at least one of your 5 (these people are known as your temporary network, or temp net) can see your post. Second, we're working on a notification system that will enhance the power of your posts. Essentially, with this system, whenever you post your thoughts / opinions on one of your interests, a notification about your post and a link to your profile will go to everyone that has that interest in their 5. Do you have specific ideas from Facebook / Twitter (or something that you've thought of that they don't do) that would enhance your ability to share your thoughts on
Posted by 5ology on 05/10/2010 11:17 PM Pacific
Thanks! More cool stuff on the way. Always interested in ways to improve interaction and the overall user experience. Anyone that has ideas / thoughts about what's needed, what's good, what's bad, what's confusing, etc... please add a comment here.
Posted by faithliebzeit on 05/10/2010 05:15 AM Pacific
Love the scroll and continuous rolling of 5's on the home page. Keeps getting better and better. No end to its potential.